Acuity Ultra Series

Supreme Quality and Performance

The new blueprint for superwide roll-2-roll UV inkjet printing. 

Versatile. Cost effective. Powerful

The Acuity Ultra R2 is a high quality, high productivity superwide platform, available in traditional UV and UV LED configurations.

The Acuity Ultra R2 is unique in being able to combine ultra-high quality with superb productivity and a groundbreaking return on investment, all in one platform.

See the SpecsDownload Brochure
See the SpecsDownload Brochure

Acuity Ultra R2 Family of UV-LED Flatbed Printers

Versatility on a massive scale

The Acuity Ultra R2 is not only ideal for traditional roll-2-roll out of home applications such as single billboards and signage, it’s also perfect for high-end indoor displays where close viewing requires images to be exceptionally clear and vibrant. With quality comparable to leading water-based inkjet systems, investing in an Acuity Ultra R2 can help propel your business into new markets.

With its massive format size, 2-up or 3-up multi-roll potential, and the ability to print on a broad range of materials, the Acuity Ultra R2 gives you the ability to profitably create exhibition graphics, POS displays, high-value graphic art, backlit displays, outdoor displays, outdoor signage and more. 


The Acuity Ultra R2 Difference

Quality at an Industrial Scale

Industrial Construction

Advanced Engineering

Maximize Productivity

Curing Done Right

High Image Quality

Smart Systems

Smart Savings

Easy to Use

Go Green

Robust & Intelligent Machine Build

Superb build quality helps protect the investment in the Acuity Ultra Series. Substantial steel construction minimizes potential quality issues caused by vibration. Industrial quality components are used throughout the machine build for superb reliability.

No Vibrations

Linear motors for the printhead carriage ensure smooth edge-to-edge printing with no vibrations at the end of the run to deliver accurate ink drop placements. This means no loss in print quality at the print edge and superb registration.

Media Transport

A solid media transport system is also critical to the machine’s performance. Two pairs of rubberized rollers on the front and back of the printer deliver accurate media feed, and provide consistency over long print runs or when accuracy is needed for tiled applications.

Multi-roll Capability Maximizes Productivity

The ability to print multiple rolls simultaneously enables the Acuity Ultra to produce huge volumes of work. The 3.2 meter model features 2-up multi-roll potential, and the 5 meter model features 3-up multi-roll potential, which allows for multiple jobs to be printed simultaneously and maximize output. Designed for maximum efficiency with fast media changeovers and setup to ensure impressive uptime and ease of use.

Industrial UV Curing System

The Acuity Ultra R2 uses Honle LED lamps for the 6-color & 6-color plus white printer configurations, or UV lamps for the high speed double CMYK configuration, ensuring block free production.

High-quality, high-performance printheads

3-level greyscale printheads deliver 3.5 pl native drop sizes up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, making use of 2,656 nozzles arranged across a width of 108 mm.

Mechanical Substrate Detector

The Acuity Ultra R2 is equipped with ultrasonic media sensors positioned under the rear media tension rollers that detect when media is loaded onto the machine and alert the operator if there is a fault with the media loading, for example if a roll of media has run out, or the media is not tight. 

Water-cooled vacuum table

A unique chilled vacuum table maintains the substrate temperature while printing and allows the use of thin heat-sensitive substrates, reducing media shrinkage and wrinkling


Ink Spitting

The Acuity Ultra R2 is fitted with a spit function designed to reduce machine downtime. This maintains the print quality and helps to increase the overall consistency of the printed results.

Designed with the operator in mind

As well as technical enhancements to the Acuity Ultra R2, there is a strong focus to reduce maintenance and improve serviceability for the operator. A new intuitive GUI, smoked panels allowing the user to view print safely during production, and the integration of clean and dirty working areas to avoid contamination, are all examples of the developments that ultimately save time and money and improve
overall price/performance.

Be Greener with the Acuity Series

UV and UV LED technology have many environmental benefits. At Fujifilm, we’re committed to a greener future for print. Energy-efficient curing systems, including UV LED, help save on energy use. 

In addition, Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks meet some of the most stringent product emissions standards in the world, making them a safe, high-quality UV ink suitable for a vast array of industries and uses.

Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks are manufactured at our award-winning facility in Broadstairs, United Kingdom, which is a zero-to-landfill site and powered largely by an onsite solar energy system.

The Uvijet GS and AU inks used in the Acuity Ultra R2 have been GREENGUARD Gold certified and approved by Eurofins to AgBB.

Fujifilm Commitment to Sustainability

Uvijet inks

High-performance Uvijet GS and AU inks

New,Uvijet GS and US high-density inks deliver superb color vibrancy and a wide color gamut. These new inks, delivered using 3.5 pl printheads, achieve maximum density with a low film thickness and ultra-low ink consumption.  The result is a more flexible ink layer that resists cracking when folded and achieves a very low cost-in-use and higher profit per print.

Superb, High-Density White Ink

The new Ultra R2 has the ability to print high-opacity white as a base, spot color or top layer quickly and cost effectively. With optional white channels you can over-print white directly to clear material and flood white underprint or spot color white on dark substrates for expanded applications.

The Uvijet GS and AU ink systems are formulated by Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems in the U.K. Using Fujifilm’s unique Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology to maximize pigment loading, Uvijet UV and UV-LED curing inks deliver strong vibrant, lightfast colors with superb adhesion and flexibility, a wide color gamut and excellent spot color reproduction

 Sample Evaluation

Samples are typically the first step in the evaluation process. Our sample kits help you see not only the quality and capability of our solution, but also practical applications s well as bold innovative applications. Don’t be surprised if we inspire your creative side as well as your technical side.

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