Acuity Prime Series

Acuity Prime Series

The benchmark platform for cost-effective, versatile UV-LED flatbed print production

The Acuity Prime is a true flatbed that delivers exceptional quality, speed and efficiency, printing on a range of rigid and flexible media, supported by five dedicated vacuum zones and a jettable primer.

See the SpecsDownload Brochure
See the SpecsDownload Brochure

Acuity Prime Family of UV-LED Flatbed Printers

The Acuity Prime Difference

The Acuity Prime is a cost effective investment with ultra-reliable performance and remarkable print quality, designed to serve the versatile needs of print service providers.

True Flatbed

Space Efficiency

High Image Quality

bags of ink in wide format printer

Color Channel Options

Perfect Registration

Easy Vacuum Settings

bag of ink with cyan splash behind it

Inks and Primer

Easy to Use

Dedicated Flatbed Design

The dedicated flatbed design with media registration pins ensures accurate registration for edge-to-edge printing and tiling of large layouts over multiple boards, even with multiple print passes.

Compact footprint

Acuity Prime printers are built to fit into compact spaces and the accessible design gives you flexibility in the way you work around the machine.

Image Quality

Greyscale printheads in a staggered configuration deliver near-photographic image quality that is consistent over the whole bed.

bags of ink in wide format printer

Multiple Color Channels

The Acuity Prime can be configured with either 4,5,6 or 7 color channels. The channels are populated with ink sets that best suit your application needs, including CMYK, white, clear and a jettable primer for excellent adhesion to more industrial media types.

Registration Pins

Pneumatic registration pins enable quick, repeatable, easy loading of rigid media in perfect registration.

Media loading pins are operated at the touch of a button creating easy, accurate and repeatable print registration from one sheet to the next.

Vacuum zones

Five dedicated vacuum zones tailored to common media sizes reduce the amount of bed masking required and enable quick media changeover. Adjustable vacuum strength provides optimum handling for different media.

The  powerful vacuum table holds media firmly in place, even for edge-to-edge and pre-shaped materials.  Rigid and flexible media are held perfectly flat for exact consistent quality and registration across every sheet. 

Expand your creative options

Create it all with Acuity Prime and Uvijet HM inks

Print with white and clear inks directly to almost any material in perfect registration.  Jettable primer expands the Acuity Prime applications and compatibility to an ever wider variety of industrial media such as glass, metal and wood.

Designed with the operator in mind

We understand the value of production time and usability, so we designed the Acuity Prime with the operator in mind. With a new and user-friendly GUI, easy clean printhead maintenance and visible status lights for the ink tanks, operators are able to spend less time maintaining the machine and more time printing.

 Sample Evaluation

Samples are typically the first step in the evaluation process. Our sample kits help you see not only the quality and capability of our solution, but also practical and bold innovative applications. Don’t be surprised if we inspire your creative side as well as your technical side.

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Request Sample Kit

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