ApeosPro™ C Series

Built on a Next-Generation Hybrid Platform

The ApeosPro™ is designed to enable businesses to print more with outstanding quality on a wider range of substrates. The device will exceed the needs of marketing & creative brand owners and help generate revenue for graphic arts customers while its unique hybrid capabilities support a broad range of needs from remote working and traditional office environments, to colour management and professional printing.

See the SpecsDownload Brochure
See the SpecsDownload Brochure

Why ApeosPro?

The ApeosPro™ is not just another device in your office; it’s the heartbeat of your digital ecosystem. With the ApeosPro™, your business moves faster, smarter, and more securely. Trust in a device that’s built for the future while catering to today’s demanding needs.

The ApeosPro™ Series can create flyers and catalogues quickly to take advantage of business opportunities. Make beautiful in-house samples that cannot be taken outside, such as mock-ups of new products. Print on a wide range of papers such as lightweight paper, cardstock paper, and embossed paper.

New Times, New Apeos

The new “Apeos” offers advanced features with high security level and easy operability to help business diversify with times. “Apeos” devices are able to connect smoothly with a variety of solutions and services to realise an all new agile remote workstyle of working anytime, anywhere. Dive deeper into the ApeosPro’s outstanding functionalities. Discover features that set it apart from the rest.

Dual Production Capability

In-House Production

High Quality

Advanced Security

Energy Star Certified

Production & Office Work

With a wide range of paper versatility, beautiful output quality, and high durability, a wide range of promotional materials can also be created quickly in-house. In addition to professional quality in house print option, this multifunction device with office friendly solutions (Cloud, Mobile, Cost management), consistent user experience and high level of security makes it also a perfect fit for normal office use environment.

Promotes In-House Production of Eye-Catching
Promotional Materials

Supports a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses, and can create a variety of deliverables. You can easily create flyers, business cards, and posters to expand your business.

Supports variable printing to create in-house highly appealing promotional materials by customising messages and images to suit each individual in the target audience .

From printing to post-processing, you can do it all at once. Beautifully designed full page photo booklets with full
bleed trim, flat book spine, and crease function to create unique accordion folds for promotional materials.

Uncompromised Precision

The ApeosPro ensures high-precision outputs across multiple paper types. Features such as high-speed paper misalignment detection, built-in decurler, and real-time curl adjustments guarantee impeccable prints every time.

Firmware Fine-tuning has been optimized specifically for photography, delivering unparalleled smooth skin tones. The LED Printhead, a world’s first, provides a stunning resolution of 2400 dpi, translating to vibrant colors, smoother gradations, and sharp reproduction. With inbuilt SIQA, users can expect effortless print quality adjustments.

Protect from Unauthorised Access

Protects device settings at multiple levels by clearly demarking change restrictions for different target audience – End users, IT administrators and Service Engineers.

Protects Data

Protects against any malicious intent of hacking, tampering with device / system settings.

Prevents Operation Errors

Prevents information leakage due to inadvertent mistakes by administrators and users.

Save Energy and Money

The ApeosPro™ is an ENERGY STAR certified printer that utilizes power management features. As an energy efficient product, it uses less energy versus conventional equipment by using the least amount of energy when working, and most importantly, when it’s doing nothing!

Finishing applications

Versatile post-processing with a range of in-line finishing options

From printing to post-processing, the ApeosPro printers are incredibly versatile, making it possible to produce many different types of finished print.

Square Back

High quality booklets with a square back finish for a flat book spine.


Crease function to create unique accordion folds for promotional materials. Up to five creases can be made for mountain and valley folds.

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