The original Acuity Ultra set a new standard for combined quality, performance and price when it was launched in 2018. Three years later, the Acuity Ultra R2 is taking that up another level as part of our brand new Acuity range and our ‘new blueprint’ for wide format.

Shaun Holdom
Segment Marketing Manager – Wide Format | Fujfilm

The Acuity Prime represents a ‘next step’ for Fujifilm. It’s built on our knowledge and expertise, but at the same time it’s something fundamentally new – ‘the new blueprint for wide format’. What sets it apart from previous products is the extent of the creative freedom we have had over every aspect of its design and development. Having this level of control has given us the opportunity to ensure that the end product offers unbeatable standards of performance; exceptional value, versatility and ease-of-use, and the best ROI available on the market.

Ramona Serafino
Associate Product Manager | Fujfilm

We saw probably about a 50% decrease in our make ready times than what we were previously doing. And that was the first thing that he saw once he started rolling up the machine.

Marcus Scordato
Meridian Printing

It just seems to be a better dot. The color seems to be popping more. It’s more vibrant. We’re able to match the proof a lot better. It depends on the quality of the job and how much covers on job, usually between two and 5,000 copies. Compare from the old plates to the new plates, we’re roughly saving about three to 4,000 wastes on make-ready. They seem to be pulling up a lot cleaner and we’re able to sell them within a few thousand copies.

Brian Lombardo
Martin Printing

Fujifilm always is very innovative with their technology, staying ahead of the curve and keeping their customers, like Martin Printing, where we need to be so that we can deliver a good product to our customers.

Will Ragsdale
Martin Printing

At Martin, we don’t take switching vendors lightly. Our relationship with Fujifilm has been one that began over six years ago, and has continued to strengthen and grow over those years. We’re always partnering together to learn about the latest innovations in the industry, the latest technology and getting recommendations from our Fujifilm rep that will help us gain efficiency and a competitive edge in the industry.

Craig Ragsdale
Martin Printing

One of the things that we’ve noticed and that we’re thrilled about is the increased durability of the ZX plate and not having to worry about those minor scratches and dings, and also just the longevity of the plate itself. We’re able to continue longer runs than previously with the new ZX plate. Minor imperfections or dings are never wanted on a print job. With the new ZX plate, we were able to notice that those are no longer an issue and we’re able to get longer press runs than we were previously.

Craig Ragsdale
Martin Printing

We got a call about a month ago from our Fuji rep telling us about the new technology with the ZX plate. Our relationship with Fuji is really more of a partnership. We consider everything that Fuji always lets us know about and they’ve helped guide our business over the years.

Craig Ragsdale
Martin Printing

Moving to a process-less plates was important to us for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the ability to save steps and save time and money. Also, being environmentally friendly is very important to us. Removing that step from the production of plates was a great move for us…Once we switched to the ZX plate, we immediately noticed the press operators were able to see the image on the plate much clear. They had a better idea of what exactly they were going to be printing.

Craig Ragsdale
Martin Printing

Fuji is a brand that I can trust, I believe in. And when they say it’s scratch resistant, then you can trust that.

Jaron Johnson

So we just got this new ZX plate in and I’ve run it a couple of times and it seems to work really well. I’m really excited about it. The best thing about this is the visibility before it goes on the press, that you can actually see the image and you can inspect the plate before it goes on the press. So the level of detail that you can see on this plate is incredible. It’s almost like the process plates that we used to have.

Jaron Johnson

It’s important for me because I do a lot of jobs all day. I do a lot a lot of plates and it’s easy for me to see the name of the job and see the image because I can take it all down, mixed up and taking all this together, set up fast and I’m making my job easier and better for me.

Jaron Johnson

I love the new Fujifilm plates. I can see it more clearly, everything there is on the plate and also the name of the jobs on the plate. So I love it. I love the Fujifilm ZX plates…Super easy to set up and very easy to use, love it.

Peczuh Printing

Flenex’s four-color process capability was far superior, and the color and dot hold are phenomenal. It’s a whole new form of printing.

Dean Hummell
President, LabelTek (Aurora, IL)

Flenex FW dramatically cut the time needed to process plates, and the waterwash process is much more user-friendly.

Joseph Helms
Production Manager, The Print Source (Wichita, KS)

I’m often asked how the Fujifilm J Presses have transformed my business, and I guess that’s hard for me to answer because they didn’t transform my business, they’re the reason I got back into the business.  

Mark Wright
Owner | Pocket Folders Fast

We’re been working with Fujifilm upwards of 20 years, and we have a great relationship. Based in Toronto, Canada, they work with retailers and CPG brands. They started as a screenprinter in 1971. Now 300,000 sq ft across 4 locations, it’s a powerhouse of 200 employees. They’re running the same job across 3 different presses to meet their client schedules and just nailing the color quality with white ink across all 3 machines.

Victor Jorge
VP of Manufacturing | Artisan

I will tell you there is a reason we are a ‘Fujifilm House’ because when you have critical mass, and if you ever need anything, there is a big team of people that will support you with quick results. In my career I’ve had production issues with equipment from various other manufacturers, and we would be down upwards of five days. That has not been our experience with Fujifilm.

Ryan Clark
Co-Founder & President | Direct Edge Media

We have a tremendous range of equipment, and the J Press truly bridges the gap from our litho world. The first sheet to the last are perfect, always.

Ryan Clark
President | Direct Edge Media

We’re looking for more and more opportunities because Onset X3 is so versatile. It’s a great selling feature. A three generation family business just south of Nashville, Tennessee. A client of theirs had a job that carried an 8 week production timeline with a vendor in China. It was always on backorder. Southern Carton stepped in with expanded equipment from Fujifilm and turned the job in a week with much better quality. The client paid the same price and it’s a profitable job for Southern Carton. Fujifilm helped them get to where they couldn’t alone/before.

Dave Kennedy
CEO | Southern Carton

The other waterwash options we’ve used don’t hold a candle to Flenex’s ability to hold a harder, crisper edge. We’re consistently getting a 1% to 2% dot.

Keith Keefer
Prepress & Technology Manager, Phoenix Color (Hagerstown, MD)

Since installing Illumina, the energy to run the press decreased by 91 percent compared to conventional UV. I know it’s capable of even more. And Illumina will enable us to run shrink films without chill drum rollers which allows us to now pursue this growing market that we could not before.

Vincent (VJ) Melapioni
President | Beau Label

The advantage is clear….The Fujifilm ZX plate is the best plate on the market.

Vince Nocella
CRW Graphics

 When crunching all the numbers and projecting the return on investment as well as the amount of new business we could gain, the decision became clear to invest in going all-digital with the J Press.

Paul Nickoloff
Owner | Fotorecord

Offset printers are now sending us work that they can’t complete as quickly or efficiently as Fotorecord can through the use of our new J Press…“We’re earning new business with companies we were previously unable to support with our old offset press. The J Press remains the key to our continued growth and success

Paul Nickoloff
Owner | Fotorecord

The color consistency, crossovers, gray builds, overall quality and repeatability of output from the J Press is just amazing. It aligns perfectly with the higher expectations of our clients.

Ryan Brueckner
CEO | Direct Edge Media

The quality output of J Press is what initially stood out. In regards to color consistency, there is no other digital press that is more consistent, from one sheet to the next, from the tail to the gripper, the technology is revolutionary.

Jeff Hernandez
Vice President | Classic Color