XMF PressReady Workflow

XMF PressReady

Advanced Automation and Management for Print-On-Demand Workflow

XMF PressReady automates routine and repetitive workflow and digital production tasks, allowing equipment operators to focus on the physical operation of their printing machines.

By receiving, pre-flighting, sorting, ganging, imposing, and delivering “press ready” jobs to print-on-demand output devices, XMF PressReady can improve efficiencies and reduce production costs.

Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet

Advanced Digital Workflow

Digital print workflow designed from the ground up to manage and automate print-on-demand production.

Automated Workflow for Ultra-Efficient Print Production

XMF PressReady is a revolutionary digital print production workflow system to receive, pre-flight, impose, group, sort and deliver “Press Ready” jobs to digital presses using automated production flows. It allows print service providers to automate ordinary and repetitive tasks, allowing press operators to focus on more important aspects of the production process.

Single-Point Job Management

Job Input from Multiple Sources

Deep Integration with Revoria Flow and FIery DFEs

Print Automation via Conditional Branching

Job Sorting/Grouping, Preflight, Imposition, Routing

Custom Bar Codes, Page Numbering, Watermarking

Operate Multiple POD Devices from a Single Workstation

Easily see cassette, media and toner levels of multiple output devices from within PressReady, and change print quantities, media types, or even the target output device.

Workflow Automation Designed with POD in Mind

XMF PressReady can integrate with other systems such as Management Information Systems (MIS), web to print systems, and automated variable data systems, allowing up-stream front ends to be fully connected to the digital print production flow.

Let XMF PressReady preflight and flow the job and route it to the appropriate layout and imposition for the intended output device.

Print Management Across Multi-Vendor Presses

XMF PressReady is unique: it integrates not only with Revoria digital presses, but other connected POD devices that use a Fiery DFE. This allows print service providers to manage digital presses from multiple vendors using one system, giving visibility of the print job status, the print job queue, media information, ink levels and much more.

Conditional Automation

XMF PressReady offers multiple workflows that can be configured to make production decisions based on size, quantity, oritentation, media, page count, and other parameters. It eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving valuable time and reducing the possibility of operator error

Streamline Production

Fujifilm’s XMF PressReady brings a new level of efficiency to digital print production, providing print service providers with a powerful, flexible, and efficient workflow system that can automate processes, streamline production, and save valuable time by minimizing errors.

Need to route work that was designed for the offset portion of your shop to your new POD equipment? Why have your machine operators deal with preflighting, re-imposing, re-numbering pages, or right-sizing jobs as they enter your production stream? Is it a multi-page PDF file designed for offset and 100 additional copies need to run last-minute on POD equipment?

Why have your POD operators touching the files more than they touch their printers? Keep your operators efficient by doing what they do best.

For those who need more than an operator managed DFE

Does your client need multiple version of a printed manual with different page configurations and superimposed logos or images? Automate the re-imposition, page reumbering, and watermarking by simply dropping the job into a PressReady workflow.

Do you have automated finishing and bindery equipment? You can also add barcodes to these jobs to automate the binding and finishing.

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