J Press FP790

J Press FP790

Redefining Flexible Packaging Printing

Introducing the J Press FP790, the pinnacle of advanced digital inkjet printing technology. This state-of-the-art machine combines efficiency, precision, and unparalleled quality to meet the demands of modern printing environments.

With a focus on both high quality print and adhering to the regulatory requirements of the food packaging industry, the J Press FP790 stands as a testament to Fujifilm’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of flexible packaging print technology.

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See the SpecsDownload Brochure

A Press Made for the Packaging Industry

The J Press FP790 is specifically designed to meet the needs and high market demands of the packaging industry. With the call for short runs increasing, make sure your business is equipped with the tools and technology necessary to deliver the fast, flexible and high-quality solutions your customers expect. As flexible packaging continues to grow, being equipped with digital printers is all the more important.

No matter what your goals are, this press will help you strategically position your business to succeed in your industry.


Excellence in Every Print

Discover the innovative features and benefits of the J Press FP790, designed to meet the high demands of today’s flexible packaging market. Each feature embodies Fujifilm’s commitment to quality and efficiency.

Detail and Clarity

Consistent Color Reproduction

High Productivity

Environmental Commitment

Seamless Integration

Print Quality

With a high resolution of 1200 X 1200 DPI, every tiny detail is captured with utmost precision, ensuring that the print quality is nothing short of exceptional. The J Press FP790 has the ability to do heavy coverage and small type with ultra-high print quality.

Wide Color Gamut

The J Press FP790 doesn’t require any special inks to deliver benefits ranging from solid color density to high-quality reproduction. No matter what the desired printing results are, you’ll have a wide color gamut capability that will let you easily achieve both special brand and spot color matching.

Minimize Color Mismatches

Achieve vibrant and true-to-life colors with the J Press FP790. Its capacity to hit over 90% of the Pantone color gamut with CMYK, coupled with two white inkjet channels for high white opacity, ensures premium quality prints. This allows for precise brand and spot color matching without the need for additional special inks.

Speed and Efficiency

The machine’s robust design ensures that you benefit from a printing line speed of 164 feet per minute, making high-volume orders a breeze. Quick design adjustments and fast changeover times mean your operation never misses a beat.

The maximum substrate width is 790mm (31 inches) with a productivity of 50 m/min (164 feet per minute), no matter the number of colors. The high machine uptime and ability to change printing jobs and design adjustments within a matter of minutes contribute to the overall improvement of production efficiency of the entire factory.

A More Sustainable Print Process

The J Press FP790 champions environmental responsibility during operation. Using water-based primers and inkjet technologies, it meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements for flexible packaging printing.

It’s also able to minimize waste, reduce the number of consumables associated with traditional analog production, and totally eliminate all elements of the plate-making process.

Fits Existing Production Processes

Designed to fit effortlessly into existing production environments, the J Press FP790 ensures a smooth transition to advanced digital printing. Its compatibility with standard systems and processes, bolstered by strategic partnerships, offers a ‘plug and play’ solution, minimizing setup time and ensuring high-quality finished packaging.

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Product Overview

The Fujifilm J Press FP790 is a full color digital press for flexible packaging. Achieving both high quality print and adhering to the regulatory requirements of the food packaging business, the J Press FP790 was created to meet these high market demands and enable a more strategic packaging business.

J Press FP790 Features Include:

  • Water-based digital inkjet technology
  • High opacity white with two digital white inkjet channels
  • New 1200×1200 dpi printing heads enabling highest quality printing • Solid color density coverage & small font proficiency
  • Hits 90%+ Pantone color gamut with CMYK
  • Higher productivity
  • Short lead times, quick delivery
  • Lower costs running short run jobs compared to flexo
  • Easily execute personalization & regionalization
  • Reduction of waste

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