Revoria Press™ EC1100

Highly Productive and Versatile Production Printer

Experience the excellence of the Revoria Press EC1100, a versatile production printer designed to meet your high-resolution printing needs at impressive production speeds. With creative finishing capabilities and adaptable media handling, this mid-range press is perfect for a wide array of applications.

Unlock the potential of high-quality, versatile printing with the Revoria PressTM EC1100. Whether you require precise graphics, sharp text, or diverse media compatibility, this mid-range press has you covered. Elevate your printing experience and explore the possibilities today!

See the SpecsDownload Brochure
See the SpecsDownload Brochure

Why Choose Revoria PressTM EC1100?

  • Stunning 2400 dpi, 10-bit Printing Resolution: Achieve remarkable print quality with an impressive 2400 dots per inch (dpi) resolution and 10-bit color depth. Your prints will be vibrant and exceptionally detailed.
  • Up to 400g Paper Weight: Handle a diverse range of media effortlessly, including long and heavyweight paper up to a substantial 400g. This printer adapts to your materials, ensuring professional results.
  • Up to 100 ppm A4 Print Speed: Boost your productivity with a blazing-fast A4 print speed of up to 100 pages per minute (ppm). Say goodbye to waiting around for your prints.

Explore the Revoria Press EC1100’s Capabilities

In the diverse landscape of the printing industry, the Revoria Press EC1100 offers a blend of speed and precision. It focuses on consistent print quality, ensuring each project’s output meets or exceeds expectations. The EC1100 incorporates technologies that offer improved color calibration, higher resolution, and versatile material compatibility.

High Productivity

Reliable Media Handling

Advanced Automation

Media Library

Anti-jam Technology

Energy Star Compliant

Maximize Output

The Revoria Press EC1100 stands out due to its remarkable productivity. It prints at an impressive rate of up to 100 ppm on both coated and uncoated paper up to 300g in weight. It even maintains a speed of 80ppm on heavier weight media between 300g and 400g.

Air Suction Feeder

The optional Air Suction Feeder improves the paper feeding performance for low quality, textured and coated media. Each sheet is picked up and delivered securely by the shuttle head using air suction similar to an offset feeder.

Handles Various Media Weight

The EC1100 prints everything from thin folded flyers to thick business cards. Additionally, it handles heavyweight, long print jobs up to 350 gsm efficiently to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Inline Sensor

Save time and improve efficiency with automated adjustments for image-to-media alignment, image transfer adjustment, density uniformity adjustment and tone reproduction curve adjustment.

Real Time Curl Correction

Adjust the amount of curl in printouts by installing the optional Interface Decurler Module D1.

Optimize Print Conditions for Each Paper Type

The EC1100’s media library is a repository with pre-registered paper type settings such as voltage and curl for different media types. Swiftly adjust to changing project needs, ensuring that each print job achieves its intended quality and impact.

Customize a preloaded recommended paper list and save up to 1,000 paper type setting for faster print setup. This not only speeds up the setup process for but also ensures optimal print settings for each material.

Auto Sheet Clearing After Paper Jam

Significantly reduce jam clearance time with automated clearing of remaining paper after a jam to minimize disruptions and the time spent on troubleshooting, leading to a more efficient printing process and satisfied users.

Sustainability is More Crucial Than Ever

By consuming less power and minimizing waste, the EC1100 not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with green initiatives. Businesses can take pride in using a printer that meets stringent environmental standards while delivering high-quality outputs.

Finishing applications

Versatile post-processing with a range of in-line finishing options

Discover the range of creative possibilities provided by the modular feeding and finishing options available as part of the Revoria Press EC1100

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