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ColorPath® Sync™

Color Management in the Cloud®

ColorPath SYNC is a suite of state-of-the-art cloud-based color management tools which align output devices to designated color targets. ColorPath SYNC incorporates optimized color correction and a simple, step-by-step interface to achieve industry-leading results in creating and maintaining color output device alignments.

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See the SpecsDownload Brochure

Fully Customizable Solution

With the array of solutions ColorPath SYNC offers, a bundle can be completely customized to fit the individual needs of the printing operation. Bundling ColorPath SYNC Align and DLP can enable the flexibility of load balancing between digital and offset equipment to produce tightly aligned color output. ColorPath SYNC has the flexibility to add or convert print conditions as your needs change or increase with new devices or additional stocks and inks.

Cutting Edge Cloud-based Technology

Color management is essential in any successful print operation whether conventional, digital, or a combination of both. ColorPath SYNC is a high-quality cloud-based, color management solution, which enables even novice users to become a color expert. ColorPath SYNC can be used with many existing workflows including Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow.

Browser-based, Wizard Interface

Predicts & Creates Brand Color Libraries

Works with Common Tables & Spectrophotometers

Optimized G7 & Tvi-based Curves for Plate & Press

Optimized Device Link Profiles for Inkjet & Toner


ColorPath SYNC is built on an easy-to-use web platform that utilizes a simple step-by-step interface. The user interface provides one location to manage color for multiple output devices, media, workflows, and locations.

Brand Color Optimizer™

Predicts and optimizes an entire Pantone® library in the same time it takes other systems to process a single color!




Pantone® is the property of Pantone LLC

Measure and View Your Color Data with an Internet Connection

ColorPath SYNC utilizes proprietary technology to gather color data
with USB-connected measurement devices (spectrophotometers), and quickly pass that data to the cloud.

Align devices to industry standards and print specifications such as GRACoL, SWOP, FOGRA and CRPCs. View and download measurement data and reports as you work and when your alignments are complete.

Industry-Leading Results for Greater Color Accuracy

The G7 alignment tool also offers spectral-based density and tonal value increase (TVI) calculations for greater accuracy. Resulting charts and graphs offer concise reporting on input press sheet data. Using an application service provider (ASP) model, customers using ColorPath SYNC Align are assured that they are always using the most current version of the software.



G7®, GRACoL®, and SWOP® are registered trademarks of Idealliance.

Optimized Device Link Profiles

ColorPath SYNC creates high quality optimized Device Link Profiles that seamlessly plug into existing workflows. These profiles are ideal for achieving accurate color on proofers, wide format inkjet devices, digital presses, and print-on-demand equipment.


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