Fotorecord Print & Marketing Center

How the J Press 750S is helping Fotorecord continue to push its digital needle forward


Located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, Fotorecord Print & Marketing Center is a privately-held commercial printing and direct mail company that for nearly 30 years has continued to build a strong customer base. With close proximity to a UPS hub, the 20-employee team can offer next day delivery at UPS ground rates within a 300-mile radius of its location. Led by owner Paul Nickoloff, the company’s strategic transformation to expanded digital and on-demand print capabilities has enabled it to diversify its print offerings, including longer run booklets, large versioned poster work (for a well-known sporting goods chain), more versatile pocket folder offerings and variable data direct mailers. 

The Challenge: Transition Fully to Digital

The Fotorecord plan was to go all digital. But before Nickoloff and his team could make the conversion from its 14-inch x 20-inch offset press, it needed a plan. Fotorecord initially considered investing in a larger offset press in order to compete in the competitive offset business in the Western Pennsylvania area.

Making an investment on the digital side meant doing their homework and taking time to compile numbers from each vendor regarding ROI, new applications, substantive features, etc.

“The top items on our checklist were machines that offered larger sheet sizes, inkjet color consistency, the ability to use more substrates and handle heavier weight stocks. We also wanted a machine that had the ability to confidently and efficiently print variable data pieces.”  – Paul Nickeloff, owner, Fotorecord

The Solution: J Press 750S

Along with Fujifilm, the Fotorecord team entered the research process by investigating offerings from Canon, HP, Konica Minolta and Ricoh, as well as doing due diligence on an offset press from Heidelberg. “We certainly did our homework,” Nickoloff says. “After crunching all the numbers, projecting the ROI and looking at potential new business, the decision was clear to invest in alldigital with the Fujifilm J Press 750S. We went long and wide with ROI discussion multiple times to prove the economics worked.” 

With its larger sheet size of 23 inches x 29.5 inches, the Fotorecord team knew the third generation J Press 750S would give them the advantage they needed to make stronger inroads into the competitive surrounding marketplace. And, with no make-ready needed, more up on a sheet and better margins, Fotorecord Print & Marketing Center How the J Press 750S is helping Fotorecord continue to push its digital needle forward 2 Case Study there were greater markets to go after.

“The bottom line is what makes a difference. With everything that has happened the past few years, getting every little bit of production efficiency helps. The J Press lets us throw a lot more work through the plant, which means more business.”   – Paul Nickeloff, owner, Fotorecord

The Results: New Clients and Outpacing Competitors

Several years into its J Press 750S install, Fotorecord continues to make inroads in the marketplace. With everything in its wheelhouse now in terms of jobs, Nickoloff says the printer picks up new clients every month. Impressed with the quality and turnaround times, clients continue to come to Fotorecord for posters, pocket folders, 12-page signatures, collated book blocks and jobs on 24-point C2S. Its direct mail business is growing, too. “After two years, we’re starting to see our sales numbers moving up because of the new business we’re bringing in.” 

Nickoloff says that when he looks three to five years down the road, the J Press 750S has helped put Fotorecord ahead of all of its competitors. “I’ve been blown away by what the J Press 750 has been able to do. Our samples were better, our sheet size was better, and our service offering was better. We have the fastest job production time, which is 25% less expensive than offset, and an unbeatable 98% color match. Right now, we have competitors sending us stuff to help them print.”