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Revolutionizing Digital Printing

CityPress Graphic Communications & The Revoria PC1120 Advantage

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CityPress Graphic Communications, a leader in the commercial printing and direct mail segments since 1975, has consistently set industry standards through a blend of quality, innovation, creativity, and sustainability. In a strategic move to enhance their creative output, CityPress embraced the Revoria Press™ PC1120 digital toner press, propelling their services into a new era of efficiency and excellence.

The Challenge: Elevating Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

As CityPress approached its 50th anniversary, the need to upgrade equipment became apparent to maintain their legacy of exceeding customer expectations. Owner Steve Bates sought a solution that would not only enhance the efficiency of print jobs but also uphold the company’s commitment to quality service.

“Our clients demand speed without sacrificing quality. The Revoria™ PC1120 emerged as a beacon of efficiency, enabling us to meet these expectations head-on.” — Steve Bates, owner, CityPress Graphic Communications

The Solution: Revoria Press™ PC1120

The search for an upgrade led CityPress to the Revoria Press™ PC1120. Its standout features, including unmatched enhancement capabilities and cost-effectiveness, made it an ideal choice for CityPress. The ability to perform metallic printing and other enhancements in a single process was a game-changer.

“The Revoria™ PC1120 allows us to dream bigger, aiming to significantly expand our size by offering a quality unmatched by our competitors.” — Steve Bates, owner, CityPress Graphic Communications

The Impact: A Transformative Workflow

With the Revoria Press™ PC1120, CityPress has redefined its workflow, streamlining color adjustments and enhancing the production of specialty colors. This has not only improved operational efficiency but also broadened the spectrum of creative services offered to clients, especially in adding vibrant metallics to print designs.

Rapid Growth and Future Prospects

The integration of the Revoria Press™ PC1120 marks a pivotal moment in CityPress’ journey, setting the stage for rapid growth and continued innovation. This partnership with Fujifilm underscores a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital printing.

“We’re not just keeping up with the digital printing evolution; we’re leading it, thanks to the Revoria PC1120.” — Steve Bates, owner, CityPress Graphic Communications


CityPress Graphic Communications, with the Revoria Press™ PC1120, is not just surviving the dynamic landscape of digital printing; they’re thriving. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of choosing the right equipment and partners, paving the way for a future where creativity knows no bounds.

Watch CityPress’ journey of innovation and growth with the Revoria Press™ PC1120 and see firsthand how they’re leading the future of digital printing.