Simpsons Printing | Acuity Prime Case Study Video

Acuity Prime Wide Format Flatbed Printer

The Fujifilm Acuity Prime flatbed printer has helped Simpsons Printing expand their product offering, increase production speed, and drive growth in their business.

The Acuity Prime allows them to print on virtually any flexible or rigid substrates to meet their clients needs.

At Simpsons Printing, they simplify your marketing efforts. Projects can be short or long, variable or not. Their plant in Gillette, Wyoming is also a full in-house, direct mail production site capable of completing even the most demanding fulfillment services.

The Acuity Prime is a true flatbed printer with a unique, exceptional design and high value.

  • High quality printing
  • Supports a range of rigid and flexible substrates
  • Five dedicated vacuum zones
  • Configurable in 4, 5, 6 or 7 color channels
  • Options for white ink, clear ink and jettable primer

Because you never stop creating, designing, producing, dreaming, listening, or learning, we never stop innovating.

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