PRINTING United Technical Event Series Recap

Opening new doors with ‘The Money in Color’

New ideas. New concepts. More functional ways of doing things. In today’s dynamic business and branding landscape, your ability to stay ahead of the curve is critical to staying ahead of the competition. Look out into the competitive arena today’s print service providers are playing in and you’ll see that the most successful ones are printing more efficiently and with less margin for error—period.

Where is your business today? What are you doing to get better, faster and more efficient?

The answers are easy. To find them, you have to expand your horizons. Dig a little deeper. Be open to the idea of incorporating new strategies, new tactics, new technologies and new ways of doing things. In today’s ever-evolving print landscape, fostering relationships with customers and brand owners is the lifeblood of sustained business success. That’s where we come in.

Not only is Fujifilm committed to continually connecting with customers and brand owners, but we remain relentless in our pursuit to help you get better and more efficient at what you do.

Take our involvement in the ‘PRINTING United Technical Event Series,’ March 12-14, 2024, at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel. Our presence reinforced the leadership position we have built with today’s technical audiences and solidifies our expertise across multiple printing technologies. By connecting with printers, agencies, brand owners, educators and students, vendors and speakers, we are expanding and diversifying our networking opportunities.

The ‘PRINTING United Technical Event Series,’ which now includes the COLOR and TAGA conferences, provided attendees with a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the latest printing strategies, tactics, technology and methods. It’s a prime opportunity for companies looking to stay on the leading edge of innovation in the areas of color and research developments.

For example, in our presentation, ‘The Money in Color,’ we took a deep dive into how Industry 4.0 (the integration of intelligent digital technologies into manufacturing and industrial processes) and other automation concepts can help improve your bottom line when it comes to color reproduction. 

This roadmap provided a glimpse into how automation reduces touch points in the print process—a move that can create increasingly shorter print runs and the prevention of wasted materials due to user error.

‘The Money in Color’ was a platform for thought-provoking discussion, inspiring stories and practical insights about Fujifilm’s ColorPath SYNC and its viability for profiling and alignments of offset and digital presses. The presentation will lend key strategic insights into improving profitability through color management via our ‘Color Management in the Cloud®’ — the tagline for our ColorPath products.

ColorPath enables customers to align color quickly and efficiently on multiple output devices, for multiple printing conditions, in multiple locations—all without having to be a color expert…but making you one!

ColorPath can create and optimize G7 and TVI-based curves for offset and flexo presses; manage color on digital, toner and inkjet devices with optimized device link profiles; and can accurately predict how well a device will reproduce a library of brand colors for a particular print condition on a device—and then reproduce each color as accurately as possible. This brand color optimization feature enables a printer to optimize an entire library of 1,800-plus patches in the time it previously took to optimize a single color.

Because they are cloud-based, these tools are ideal for managing color on multiple devices in a single site or for multiple locations across the enterprise. They use step-by-step processes that walk a user through measuring, characterizing and validating color output. They also allow Fujifilm technical advisors to view the data remotely and suggest a proper course of action if color deviates from a standard or baseline.

So, if you are looking to print more efficiently and with less margin for error, that means it can help “fix” errant color in minutes instead of days.

In a time when print runs are getting shorter and shorter, and the demand for variable data grows, we are positioned to help printers remain competitive and profitable in existing markets and open the doors to new ones.

See how ColorPath SYNC Align can reduce the number of press runs for offset or flexo press alignment, saving you time and materials, and labor for a press that would otherwise be unproductive.

And there’s more: ColorPath SYNC’s optimized device link profiles can align a device to produce the most accurate color possible. ColorPath SYNC Brand Color Optimizer can predict and recreate a brand color on an inkjet device as accurately as it is capable of doing so. Previously, this process was manual and time consuming, and the ability to predict color required a color expert on staff.

Today, an entire Pantone library of 1,800-plus colors can be optimized in the time it previously took to do a single color—and with greater accuracy.

And that’s not all. Along with the ColorPath SYNC suite of cloud-based color management tools, attendees can get intel on our new color roll-to-roll J Press inkjet device; FP 790 J Press color flexible packaging device; Revoria PC1120 multicolor toner-based device; and the new Revoria GC12500, a B2 color toner-based device and inkjet Printbar systems.


Peter Pretzer is the Marketing & Product Planning Solutions Development Manager for FUJIFILM North America Corporation | Graphic Communication Division.

Don Schroeder is Senior Director | Professional Services and Technical Solutions for FUJIFILM North America Corporation | Graphic Communication Division.

Ben Lubin is Solutions Development Analyst for FUJIFILM North America Corporation | Graphic Communication Division.

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