Post Event Wrap — 2024 IPMA Annual Educational Conference

Real world issues. Real world solutions.

It’s always the face-to-face conversations that make the biggest difference. That’s why our presence at the “IPMA Annual Educational Conference” in Des Moines, Iowa, in June was so important. It provided the perfect opportunity to get an up close and personal look at what today’s in-plant professionals are up against.  

The two-day event was filled with scores of opportunities for discussion, networking and bonding. The ability to connect on the real-world issues these print service providers (PSPs) are facing allows us to refine our product offerings and promotional strategies, ensuring we remain a trusted industry resource.

The direct interactions—those personal engagements—helped facilitate an environment of collaboration and innovation that continues to help the Fujifilm team stay ahead of industry trends and continuously improve our solutions.

The insights gained and the relationships built during events like the IPMA Conference not only shape the future of in-plant printing, but provide vendors like Fujifilm to see where the opportunities are.

During this year’s conference, Fujifilm’s participation was particularly impactful, as it gave us the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge digital inkjet presses and new digital toner presses. One of the conference highlights was the rollout of our hybrid wide-format presses. The versatile machines, which are capable of printing on both flatbed sheets and roll-to-roll media, provided a firsthand look at their potential to deliver high-quality returns even in limited workspaces.

Additionally, the new digital toner presses—which boast an impressive range of 10 colors, including gold, silver, white, pink and clear—captivated attendees with their creative potential and production output.

Fujifilm’s presence at the IPMA Conference underscores our commitment to providing tailored solutions rather than merely selling products. This customer-centric approach was evident in our interactions, which enable in-print professionals to connect, learn and explore the industry’s latest innovations.  

And, just as important as it is for attendees to explore the latest innovations is their opportunity to share their current challenges and needs. Many were looking to add new printers to their facilities that can help reduce outsourcing or replace older presses nearing lease ends.

Other conversations centered on the potential of AI and robotics, both of which are gaining more and more traction in helping enhance overall production, despite concerns about the high costs associated with these technologies.

Service reliability was another critical topic that emerged among attendees, with some voicing frustrations over poor or inadequate service in their territories. These conversations always give us an opportunity to discuss the robust and formidable customer service support Fujifilm is known for.

Other anecdotes revealed a consistent focus on ROI, with some PSPs expressing concerns about the financial viability of their operations. Some even discussed closing their facilities. These types of revelations underscore the importance of cost-effective solutions and reliable support in ensuring sustainable operations.

Finally, the growing interest in wide-format printing continues to be another key trend for in-plant professionals. Many are seeking affordable presses to meet the increasing demand for such services.

The insights gained and the relationships built during events like the IPMA Conference not only shape the future of in-plant printing, but help vendors like Fujifilm to see where the opportunities are. By continuing to listen and learn, we can deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Having the opportunity for direct engagement gives us the ability to continually pursue the excellence the print industry expects from Fujifilm.