Fujifilm Announces New Acuity Ultra R2 Superwide Format Printer

The Acuity Ultra R2 Offers a Vast Amount of Design Improvements to Benefit Both Ease-of-Use and Overall Productivity

Acuity Ultra R2 superwide printer. The successor to Fujifilm Acuity Ultra is part of the company’s strategy to create ‘the new blueprint’ for wide format – redefining print ROI, versatility, value and ease-of-use.

June 9, 2021

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division, today announces the launch of the Acuity Ultra R2, as part of Fujifilm’s strategy to create the new blueprint for wide format.

Available in 3.2m and 5m versions, the Acuity Ultra R2 features the same high levels of quality and reliability as its predecessor, but offers a vast amount of design improvements to benefit both ease-of-use and overall productivity.

The new, contemporary enclosed design eliminates stray UV light, removing the need for a light curtain, while from a functional point of view, the R2 is designed with both maintenance and ink supply on the same side, giving operators easier access and more room in which to work when performing routine tasks. An external visual light also quickly alerts operators of low ink levels without the need to look inside the printer.

The Acuity Ultra R2 also features larger ink tanks to ensure that all the ink from a standard can is used when refilling, eliminating the clutter and mess of opened, half-used ink cans. The ink tanks have also been designed for easy access for refills.

Maintenance-free ink pumps have also been integrated into the new Acuity Ultra series to increase up-time, and a unique new print viewing window allows the operator to check on the progress of a job without leaving the workstation. The workstation itself has also been redesigned, now featuring desktop space, a handy drawer for tools or personal items, integrated lighting, and a larger monitor for ease-of-use and better display of print jobs.

Another significant design benefit is that the separate chiller unit that accompanied the original Acuity Ultra has now been fully integrated into the design of the new R2 series. This frees up considerable workspace and reduces clutter.

The Acuity Ultra R2 also features a crash detector with increased sensitivity and dual way activation, helping to identify and address potential problems early. Additionally, it also features a new low scratch surface platen and new automated meniscus control, offering even greater precision and consistency in ink droplet placement.

“The original Acuity Ultra set a new standard for combined quality, performance and price when it was launched in 2018,” said Becky McConnell, segment marketing manager, wide format inkjet, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division. “Three years later, the Acuity Ultra R2 is taking that up another level as part of our brand new Acuity range and our ‘new blueprint’ for wide format.”

Like the original Acuity Ultra, the R2 is available in various color configurations up to eight channels. The Acuity Ultra R2 uses LED lamps for the 6-color (CMYKLcLm) & 6-color with white (CMYKLcLm+WW) printer configurations, or UV lamps for the high speed double CMYK configuration, ensuring block free production. By offering both solutions, printers can choose the best technology that supports their business needs. This gives customers the option to choose either the ultra-high productivity of conventional UV, or the comparatively lower operating costs and lower energy use of LED.

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