Presstige Printing

How family-owned Presstige Printing is building its business for the long haul with the J Press 750HS


Presstige Printing’s roots date back to the 1980s when Bob and Katy Weidenmiller opened a new printing business in Naples, Florida. As the small quick-print shop started making a name for itself, the Weidenmiller’s three sons, Casey, Nick and Westley began spending more and more time in the business. Eventually, the print shop grew into one of the largest commercial printing and direct mail companies in Southwest Florida. 

Today, Westley and Nick continue to take the company to new heights as President and Controller, respectively (Casey is a partner in the law firm and Presstige client, Woods, Weidenmiller, Michetti & Rudnik LLP). The award-winning printer, operating from its 18,000-square-foot facility, prints everything from postcards, magazines, posters, signs, wall graphics and banners, while its in-house direct mail facility handles the rest. 

The Challenge: Find a Versatile Print Solution

For a printer steeped in direct mail, magazines and posters, signs and banners, finding the right piece of equipment that could handle any and all job requirements became a priority. Seeking to grow the business and solve the problems of speed and efficiency it faced, the Presstige Printing team wanted a machine that was adept in sheet size, uptime, and consistency from sheet to sheet. 

“There were jobs that were too small to run on the big press. We would be doing them digitally, which would sometimes take eight, 10 hours for a job. We needed a press that could offer a quicker turnaround time and be more efficient. We needed to find the most practical way of getting the job done.” -Michael Kestle, Production Manager, Prestige Printing

The Solution: J Press 750HS

As a long-time Fujifilm customer in plates, ink and other consumables, Presstige already had established a partnership it could trust. Over the years, the Presstige team had admired the consistency and quality of the sheets that fed off the J Press, so, when the high speed mode became an option, Westley and the Presstige team made the move. 

“We wanted to sell high quality digital and always knew that J Press delivered that,” Westley says. Presstige Printing How family-owned Presstige Printing is building its business for the long haul with the J Press 750HS 2 Case Study “Because of the speed of the press increasing and the cost per impression being significantly less, all of a sudden we could make the justification to move into more digital than offset. The decision was even easier when we saw the numbers. All of a sudden, there’s that ‘aha’ moment—this is a perfect fit.”

The Results: 40% Less Cost Per Impression

 While the justifications for bringing the J Press 750HS on board are many, Westley says that when you see 40% less cost per impression, it turns heads. In addition, if it is a black and white job, the Presstige team still can run at high speed.

“Anything that has solid color on it, the J Press is just a godsend. It’s perfect from one end of the sheet to the other. The consistency in the color on it is always the same.” -Michael Kestle, Production Manager, Prestige Printing

Westley says the J Press 750HS continues to open up the production schedule on both the digital and offset side—something that Presstige could only dream of in the past. “The J Press is important because it frees up the way we schedule our work more efficiently. It’s thriving for us because it is a huge amount of time saving at any given time. We have 500 jobs open in the shop, and it has enabled us to continue to meet the needs of the customers that we’ve worked with for many years. There’s some pride in that for sure.”