Joseph C. Woodard Printing Company

Hitting high speed, high quality mode with the J Press 750


Joseph and Joyce Woodard formed Joseph C. Woodard Printing Company in 1967 with just one small press in the family garage. Since then, the family-owned business has grown significantly. Operating from two-facilities in Raleigh, North Carolina, the award-winning print solutions provider has six presses (five offset and one digital) that help offer creative print solutions for clients in and around the Research Triangle in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. 

Employing a highly specialized workforce of more than 20 employees, the Joseph Woodard Printing team continues to foster long-term partnerships with clients that value personalized customer service and quality printing. Joseph Woodard Printing specializes in digital and large-format printing, e-marketing, finishing services, mailing and fulfillment, promotional products and how-to videos. 

The Challenge: Achieve precise color adjustments

Working with the Research Triangle in the Raleigh- Durham-Chapel Hill area, Joseph Woodard Printing’s client base features a diverse business ecosystem of more than 7,000 companies in industries like Agtech, cleantech, life sciences, advantaged manufacturing and technology. The Triangle also is home to several of the country’s leading universities, including Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University, as well as a number of medical facilities and hospitals. 

These are clients that Jason Woodard, VP of Production, calls highly color critical. Working in such an environment, the Woodard team was looking to take their offerings and quality to the next level. They wanted a piece of equipment that could make adjustments on the press that cannot be done on an offset—quarter tones, three-quarter tones, and being able to adjust just for the cyan, magenta and yellow if need be. Previous attempts to make these type of adjustments on an offset was throwing off the entire color span.

“For us, being able to capture true color is important. You have to be on point when you present a job. Being able to do that on a consistent basis speaks volumes.” – Jason Woodard, VP of Production

The Solution: J Press 750HS

No make-readies. No plates. User-friendly. These were the sentiments that Joseph C. Woodard Printing Pressman Chris Holland walked away with after using the J Press 750HS digital inkjet press. One of the Joseph C. Woodard Printing Company Hitting high speed, high quality mode with the J Press 750 2 Case Study biggest enhancements Holland and his fellow pressmen noticed was that the J Press 750HS had the ability to change from high speed mode to high quality mode, giving them the ability to post 5,400 impressions an hour. “We will be able to go faster and better with higher quality products,” Holland says. “It’s one of those things where it doesn’t affect the workflow.” 

With the 750HS opening up the digital side of the business, Joseph C. Woodard Printing is able to print larger book runs (48 pages or more). This also opened up the opportunity to print perfect bound books. “We have a 23-inch x 29.5-inch, which allows us to get a much broader span,” Jason Woodard says. “In essence, it is like having three different 12-inch x 18-inch machines all in one. Because of the quality of the 750HS, there is a much clearer presentation in the inks, and how it lays down on the substrate and on the sheet. It’s really a phenomenal advantage we have here in the Raleigh area.” 

The Results: Found new business models and marketing strategies

The culminating factor of installing the J Press 750HS came after a client did a press check. The project had some color tweaking and color enhancing on the offset press. When the first sheet came off the 750HS, the client said, “This is what we wanted. We love it.” 

“Being able to provide them with high-quality work means they are coming back,” Jason Woodard says.

“Being able to take a job and put it in three up instead of two up saves paper and waste. It’s the little things like that for us that make a huge difference and impact.” -Jason Woodard, VP of Production

The opportunities resulting from the J Press 750HS abound. Today, Joseph C. Woodard Printing is pursing different business model opportunities. Account Executive Chad Barefoot says the company’s most recent marketing campaign is about seeing and believing what Joseph C. Woodard Printing is capable of doing with the J Press 750HS in hand.

“Showing them the product has been key to helping them understand that they are getting what they expect from a quality standpoint. It has been eye-opening.“ -Jason Woodard, VP of Production