Edison Press

Building a path to efficiency and profitability with the J Press


For the past 45-plus years, Edison Press has delivered innovative and creative print, production and fulfillment services. The second-generation printer continues to embrace the industry’s ever-evolving technological innovations and processes needed to become a more efficient, productive and collaborative resource. 

Led by owners Bob Rosenfield and Joe Rosenfield, Edison Press has built its business on the tenets of Quality Standards, Extraordinary Service and Meaningful Value, complemented by a team dedicated to working tirelessly to improve the value proposition for its customers. The Sanford, Maine, printer specializes in high-quality short-run and print-on- demand projects like annual reports, marketing brochures, direct mail, promotional items, custom pieces, and kit packing and fulfillment. 

The Challenge: Shift from Offset to Digital

One of the core values of Edison Press is efficiency. For co-owner and President Joe Rosenfield and his team, that not only means putting the right processes and systems into place, but also having the equipment capable of delivering on the high standards and promises it makes to each customer. In an effort to transform from offset to digital printing, Edison Press sought was equipment that was easy to learn and operate and that would fit the core part of its business—short-run printing. They also wanted a press that could be an asset to Edison’s increasing workload and fast turnaround demands.

“We wanted a piece of equipment where our pressmen didn’t have to worry about setting keys or that the reds were getting too hot. We didn’t want to worry about running the machine and where the color and quality were perfect to print. We wanted something that was going to bring us forward and into the era of digital printing.” – Joe Rosenfield, Co-owner and President, Edison Press

The Solution: J Press 750S Simplifies Pre-Press Process

As Jay Van Tassel, a graphic designer in Edison Press’ pre-press department remembers, the Fujifilm J Press 750S inkjet press changed everything. As one of the first of two printers to have the J Press 750S installed in the U.S., the decision was in line with the innovative thinking and progressive mindset Edison Press was known for. 

With its ability to offer the best of both digital and offset printing, the J Press 750S featured the quality and durability of traditional offset, and the Edison Press Building a path to efficiency and profitability with the J Press 2 Case Study digital ability to print the shorter runs and variable data Edison Press needed. “We used to worry about outputting to film, stripping it up and putting everything together with tape,” Van Tassel says. “With the 750S, everything is assembled on the computer screen and positioned properly for the press sheet. We then can send it directly to press, and automate and address things that allow us to do variable content. That was impossible with printing plates.” 

I fall more in love with this machine every day because I can see what we can get out of it… Our decision has made it easier on the company and our employees. I’m never looking back.” – Joe Rosenfield, President, Edison Press

The Results: Superior Quality and Color Consistency

The J Press 750S has proven to be a game-changer for Edison Press, with Joe Rosenfield highlighting its unmatched quality and color consistency as key to the company’s successful transition to digital printing. “With its abilities with consistent solids, crisp blacks and vivid images, the choice to go with the 750S was pretty clear for us,” Rosenfield explains. The press’s precision in color matching has been instrumental in landing new clients, allowing them to match brand colors perfectly, a task Rosenfield notes was not easy to achieve with previous technologies. “The color you get with the J Press is perfect, and the quality of the print is going to be perfect forever,” he adds. 

The J Press 750S has enabled Edison Press to produce high-quality outputs, such as catalogs for high-value items, where attention to detail is paramount.

“On the J Press, what you see is what you get. It is the same quality no matter what. You can produce coffee-table quality books on the press every day of the week.” – Joe Rosenfield, Co-owner and President, Edison Press

This level of quality assurance has been crucial for projects requiring impeccable detail and color accuracy. 

Moreover, the J Press 750S streamlined Edison Press’s production processes. “Now we can wrap everything into one flow—the mailing indicia, the addresses, etc.,” says Jay Van Tassel, highlighting the efficiency gains. Rosenfield reflects on the broader impact of the J Press 750S,:

“We have landed new customers because of what we are able to do now. We’re more profitable and efficient. I fall more in love with this machine every day because I can see what we can get out of it. Digital printing is just easier on the soul.”  – Joe Rosenfield, Co-owner and President, Edison Press