ColorMark Printing

How the Revoria Press is helping ColorMark up its game


In 1993, after eight years in the National Hockey League (NHL), Dave Hudson settled in Carrollton, Texas. He eventually met Al Poppino, who spent his career helping deliver solutions in the production process that some companies had issues solving. The two joined forces in 1993 to start ColorMark Printing, a commercial printing company that serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Today, 30-plus years into the game, the digital, largeformat and sheet-fed offset printer offers the kind of value-added services that satisfy the ever-demanding needs of companies, brands and individuals across a spectrum of business landscapes. Driven by years of research and programming, the ColorMark team also has developed various software applications and prepress plugins to help process jobs faster, with better consistency in production. 

The Challenge: Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In evaluating their equipment portfolio, the ColorMark team found inconsistencies with quality and customer satisfaction. The equipment was unable to hold color consistently and produce the same standards that its offset department was holding. The previous digital press would shift color in the middle of a run. 

“We were stopping and running calibrations to try and stay consistent. Other challenges we encountered with previous manufacturers were backing up long sheets and having to change fusers every time we changed paper sizes. We were told we were being too critical with our concerns.” – Jacques Cangelose, Process Optimization & Revenue Generating Manager, ColorMark

The Solution: Revoria PC1120

With the need to make a change evident, the ColorMark team set out to review the production digital equipment from all of the industry’s manufacturers. After an exhaustive search, they settled on the new Fujifilm Revoria PC1120. The deciding factor was the Revoria’s ability to print with specialty inks, but at higher production speeds. 

“Other equipment with specialty inks do not have the same production as the Revoria; their speed is significantly diminished with the introduction of special colors or they do not have specialty colors,” – Mark Watson, Sales Manager, ColorMark

The Results: Maintain Consistency While Handling Larger Projects

One of ColorMark’s main verticals is the restaurant business, where it serves thousands of corporate and franchise partners throughout the world. As a heavy user of all types of plastics for both front of house and back of house applications, the Revoria has given the ColorMark team a tool that can capitalize on tri-fold menus on these same plastics for medium- and shortrun projects. Projects like this once manufactured strictly on UV offset equipment now can be handled quicker and at a better price point than before. 

“We are better equipped to have stable color not only throughout a run but also day to day,” Cangelose says. “With the consistency in color and ability to back up long sheets, jobs that were once produced on offset equipment due to their size are now being produced on the Revoria.” 

With its Fujifilm relationship in the beginning stages, ColorMark has found a partner that has made it clear it wants to see the printer succeed, offering knowledge far beyond the printing process. “The Revoria helps us produce jobs that were either too costly to produce with our current equipment or were not achievable at all,” Watson says. “Adapting to customer needs is an ongoing process. Customers expect a level of service and quality that is ever evolving. We continually meet with our vendors to understand what new products are being introduced into the market.”