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How The J Press 750S Is Helping ASB Graphics Give Their Clients The Value They Crave

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ASB Graphics loves to spoil its customers. It is something that Jamie Brisendine loves to point out when talking about his High Point, North Carolina printing team. Brisendine recalls a conversation with a long-time customer about a project they were working on when the customer said, “There’s no rush on this, so 8 a.m. tomorrow morning would be fine.”

Amused, yet inspired by the comment, Brisendine responded, “It really makes me feel good that you feel like you’re our only client, but unfortunately you’re not.”

The moral to the story is the strength behind what ASB Graphics’ promise is to each and every one of its customers—a promise that it will guarantee a project’s success, no matter what it is, because ASB is committed and comfortable with the high quality of its equipment and attention to detail. While customers may be able to get their jobs done someplace else, they know that ASB will get it done right from the jump.

Since 1984, the print service provider has been catering to a diverse clientele, making a concerted effort to focus deeply on buying trends leaning toward shorter runs and faster turnaround times. As an In-plant printer for its sister company, ACME Sample, ASB supplies ACME with the printed materials it needs to produce various swatch cards, painting sets, memos and stack books to the textile and wall covering industry.

ASB also is a supplier of custom scorecards to more than 500 different golf courses across the country, as well as a workhorse on traditional commercial printing services for its two main local industries: furniture and photography studios.

Along with handling such a diverse portfolio of projects, Brisendine, director at ASB, says the company continues to seek ways to creatively improve the value-add for its customers. “The thing our customers tell us is, ‘We want to use you guys because it’s going to be right; you have done it before, and you always take care of us.’ That’s why they come back.”

It is that type of customer satisfaction and commitment to the process that pushed ASB toward finding best resources available. Brisendine says he researched nearly every digital press option on the market before landing on the Fujifilm J Press 750S. “It was the only one that has been able to check every box I had to consider to make a purchase.”

In Brisendine’s eyes, the J Press 750S hit the mark by printing 3,600 sheets per hour, for both static and variable jobs, with a maximum sheet size of 23 inches x 29.5 inches (585mm x 750mm) running both coated and uncoated standard offset stock from 60 pounds text up to 24-point board stock.

Over the past year, the J Press 750S also achieved ISO/PAS 15339 Master Elite System Certification, plus Digital Press Certification from Idealliance, hitting industry benchmark in quality, reliability, and repeatability across all aspects of digital printing, meeting and exceeding colormatic requirements and having CMYK registration measured as Perfect.

If you want a success story to help solidify ASB’s decision, look no further than one of its largest customers, which needed solid color consistency for printing of their swatch cards. The 750S delivered as promised.

“They will actually have a launch of their swatch cards, and then three months later they will have a relaunch of those swatch cards, each at different quantity,” Brisendine says. “So instead of printing 9,000 and housing the inventory, we now have the ability to produce their cards on demand with color consistency, which will really help level out our production and reduce the risk of overproduction.”

And while finding bigger and better ways to help its clients meet their objectives sits squarely at the top of ASB’ list, finding new avenues of business is equally as important.

The J Press 750S will help with that, too. “We don’t know yet what our limitations are, but the plan is to start branching out into a few more markets,” Brisendine says. “There are a lot of markets that we’ve done just because the quantities were too low. We just couldn’t compete.” Now they can. As for what else Fujifilm brings to the table, Brisendine says having a partner you can count on is critical. “I’ve always been happy with its service, reputation, everything.

The global leader that they are and in so many other markets, I’m confident that Fujifilm will always be around.”

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