2024 IPMA Annual Educational Conference

Listen. Learn. Deliver. – On the road to the 2024 IPMA Annual Educational Conference

  • Showcasing technological advancements.
  • Tailoring solutions to customer needs.
  • Understanding customer pain points.
  • Integrating feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Thriving in collaborative environments.

If you were to take a peek into the to-do list for our 2024 IPMA Annual Educational Conference, the aforementioned are the items we have highlighted. This year’s IPMA Annual Educational Conference gives us the opportunity to meet and greet with some of the industry’s leading in-house print and mail professionals.

As conferences like this so often provide, the opportunities to teach, learn, network and experience the latest in-plant industry innovations is what Fujifilm strives for.

Slated for June 2-6 in Des Moines, Iowa, the IPMA Conference enables us to showcase our diverse range of product solutions tailored for commercial and wide-format printing, to enhance our market and brand awareness, and to build and fortify our relationships with today’s in-plant decision-makers.

Being a leader in the print industry means being able to engage directly with the professionals on the front lines of the in-plant experience. When we listen, we can learn. When we learn, we can deliver.

One of the highlights of this year’s conference for us will be our digital inkjet presses, including hybrid wide-format presses that print on both flatbed sheets and roll-to-roll media. We will be able to showcase our ability for printers with limited workspace to deliver high-quality returns with multiple color options.

In addition, we will be showcasing our new digital toner presses, which demonstrate the ability for impressive production output, as well as creative potential with 10 colors, including gold, silver, white, pink and clear.

Meeting Customer Needs

A core Fujifilm principle is to provide tailored solutions rather than just selling products. In a time when print service providers (PSPs) are facing unique challenges in their day-to-day workflows, our approach is to listen and respond with the best solutions to fit their needs.

This customer-centric tenet is what has helped us become a trusted industry resource. By understanding specific needs, we can recommend the most suitable technology, ensuring that our solutions address our customers’ real-world issues.

Addressing those pain points is what makes our presence at conferences like this so important. The IPMA Conference provides direct interactions with PSPs, giving us a firsthand glimpse into the challenges they encounter and the solutions they seek. This feedback is invaluable for our R&D efforts.

Our ability to absorb and then integrate customer feedback is what separates us from the rest. The iterative process not only helps improve our products, but also shapes our promotional strategies. By knowing what our customers need, we can better connect with our target audience and provide them with relevant solutions.

The opportunity to listen, learn and deliver is critical in today’s ever-evolving print landscape. In a conference environment that fosters collaboration and innovation, it enables us to stay ahead of industry trends and continuously improve our offerings.

As we prepare to attend this year’s conference, we look forward to the valuable insights and connections that will help shape the future of in-plant printing.

It is the Fujifilm way.