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Cowan Graphics Owner and President Blaine MacMillan believes that you can never be too prepared when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction, especially when you serve a diverse set of markets across Canada and parts of the U.S.

As one of the largest digital and screen printing companies in Canada, Cow n Graphics has built a reputation as the source for a variety of corporate branding signage and graphics. “With the years in this industry and the varied markets we serve, we have certainly relied on our ability to deliver,” MacMillan says. “While we didn’t feel like we needed the capacity today, we felt it was good to look ahead.”

Innovators like Cowan Graphics understand the importance of staying ahead of technology trends. MacMillan says, “It’s important to have the right technology available—one that can keep up with market demand and offer diverse products.”

In its search to expand its offering, Cowan Graphics turned to FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, where the OnsetX3 HS caught MacMillan’s eye. Capable of printing in excess of 15,500 ft²/hour (283 beds/ hour), the OnsetX3 HS features three sets of CMYK ink channels, as well as optional white channels.

And in a time when productivity is everything, the Fujifilm Dimatix drop-on demand printheads create high volume, quality images onto a wide variety of media. In addition, to ensure maximum throughput, the Inca OnsetX3 HS is compatible with Inca’s flexible automation systems, which offer customers like Cowan Graphics the choice to operate in semi- or full-automation.

“MacMillan told us, “In accommodating the diverse offerings of fast-turnaround, short-run work, the OnsetX3 HS has more than stood up to the challenge for us. And in the case of corrugated jobs, we believe that given its price point and its capability, the HS is the perfect solution. It has been a refreshing solution for fast turnarounds, and the need to change jobs and substrates quickly.”

As deadlines shorten and requests for personalized services expand, finding a high-quality, efficient and reliable printer that could produce images on a wide variety of media was the asset Cowan Graphics needed. “With our engineering, fabrication, installation and graphic design teams in place, we had most of the right resources in place to push the envelope with our offerings,” MacMillan says. The increase in productivity from the OnsetX3 made it possible for Cowan Graphics to stand out in a crowded marketplace. “We’re sincere in our de sire to exceed our print solution requirements,” MacMillan says.

“And as part of that, we partnered with Fujifilm to drop in their flagship piece of equipment. I think the message is that we’re not done. It’s a journey and we are going to continue to reinvest.”

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